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How Does Water Help You Lose Weight?

how does water help you lose weightObesity is one of the major health problems of the world. There are so many complications and chronic diseases associated with obesity. People have been struggling to get rid of obesity and extra weight. No doubt, medical science has revolutionized the world in a great way, and it has a huge contribution to overall well-being and improved quality of health of humans. These days some surgical, non-surgical and exercise techniques are available to lose extra weight, but unfortunately, people forget how water can help to lose extra weight. Today I am going to explore how does water help you lose weight. Water is the most abundant part of the human body and drinking recommended amount of water is one of the best, easiest and most effective way to lose weight.    

Feelings of Fullness

If you drink a glass of water before having your meal, it will control your appetite. On the other side, drinking during your meal will help you to eat less and give you feelings of fullness. Drinking water regularly throughout the day will help you sustain the feelings of fullness for a longer period. Consequently, you will eat less. This is how does water help you lose weight.

Water Can Minimize Cravings for High Calorie Snacks

How many times you have noticed that you want to eat something but do not know what to eat. In such cases, you mostly open up your fridge or go to the kitchen cupboards to look for ‘that something’ and you usually eat snacks loaded with unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients, that are very high in sugars and calories. A popular secret shared by many dieticians and nutritionist is to drink a glass of water at those times and wait for 10 minutes. In the majority of cases, water will do the trick and save you eating unhealthy and calorie rich snacks.

More Energy and Faster Weight Loss

It is true that water does not provide you energy like other foods and drinks, but water helps you in some other ways. Drinking regularly and sufficient amount of water keeps your body hydrated. When your body is hydrated, it saves you from headaches and improves your memory and focus. You should wonder how we could relate this effect of water to lose weight. Well, it is simple. When you are tired, having a headache or unfocused, you won’t be able to focus on your exercises or diet plans in a good way. This is how does water help you lose weight in this regard.

Calorie Free and Natural Drink

Water is calorie free and the most natural drink you can have anytime anywhere. You can drink as many glasses of water as you want without even worrying about calories as water has 0 calories. On the other side, by drinking more amount of water, you will certainly reduce the intake of other drinks; usually many of them are loaded with considerable amount of sugars and calories. Of course, there are numerous healthy weight loss drinks like water, but none of them is as essential for the body as water.

A Source of Motivation

Drinking water regularly throughout the day can be a source of motivation for you. You may ask how water can be a source of motivation. Yes, drinking water is a source of motivation that will help you towards your weight loss goals. Every time you drink a glass of water, your brain will remind you about your weight loss goals and make you more focused towards your weight loss targets.

how does water help you lose weightWater Helps in Digestion and Reduces Water Retention

Another secret in the series of how does water help you lose weight is its function in digestion. Water helps in digestion, regulates and improves functioning of the many body organs like stomach, liver and kidneys. Lack of or insufficient daily intake of water can slow the normal digestion phenomenon and reduce the fat metabolism. Because of these factors, you will feel tired and bloated. When you drink recommended amount of water, you help your body to reduce water retention, which is referred as water weight in the fitness industry. This is another mechanism on how does water help you lose weight.

Recommended daily water intake:

For Men: 3.7 liters

For Women: 2.7 liters

People who perform intense physical exercises usually need more amount of water.



  1. I have always been slightly overweight. Though, I’m trying to lose it decisively now with the help of exercise and maintaining proper diet, I still sometimes fail to resist the temptation and eat delicious yet fattening foods. I really had no idea that as simple thing as water can do wonders as far as losing weight is concerned. These are some excellent tips which I must incorporate now in my daily routine. Thanks for the write up and some much needed motivation 🙂

  2. Jason

    Often times we mistake our dehydration for hunger… and instead of just drinking a couple of glasses of water we snack which obviously lead to weight gain.


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