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The Facts On Smoking Cigarettes

facts n smoking cigarettesOver the period of last some decades, the world’s view about smoking cigarettes has changed completely. The cigarette smoking was considered a sexy and cool habit, and it was enjoyed by a massive number of people worldwide. The companies used to advertise cigarettes by super popular sportsmen and television heroes. But that trend has been changed and they are no longer advertised anywhere by any means. These days smoking is considered a nasty and ill habit, which is not only bad for smokers’ own health, but also for people around them. Cigarette smoking is not allowed in the most public places and those who violate are fined by the concerned authorities. There are so many health hazardous and life threatening risks associated with smoking cigarettes. Let us have a look on some of the facts on smoking cigarettes.

  • Smoking is responsible for one in every 5 deaths in the United States every year
  • Every cigarette smoked by a smoker reduces the lifespan of the smoker by 11 minutes
  • Over 16 million US people are living with a disease caused by cigarette smoking
  • Smoking cigarettes is associated with many chronic and life threatening diseases like Tuberculosis, lung cancer, heart diseases, chronic obstructive lung disease, emphysema, stroke, diabetes, problems of the immune system, rheumatoid arthritis and certain eye problems
  • Smoking is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction in males
  • Tobacco consumption causes more than 6 million deaths in the US every year and this number is expected to rise to more than 8 million by the year 2030
  • More than 480,000 deaths every year are caused by smoking in the United States of America
  • Only because of smoking, more than 100,000 deaths occur every year in the UK
  • About 30,000 deaths are caused by lung cancer every year in the UK and 80% of these deaths are related to cigarette smoking
  • Cigarette smoking is one of the biggest reasons of illness and  premature death in the UK
  • On average, non-smokers live 10 years more than smokers
  • There are more than 4800 chemicals in a single cigarette, 69 out of which can cause cancer
  • Every day, about 4000 teens in the United States smoke a cigarette for the first time, and approximately 1000 teens start smoking cigarette on a daily basis
  • About 50,000 deaths are caused by secondhand smoke every year in the U.S.
  • Almost 5 billion cigarettes are consumed (worldwide) by the smokers every day
  • Smoking cigarettes and tobacco near Apple computers voids theirs warranty
  • Urea, a major waste product of urine, is used as a flavoring agent in cigarettes
  • The immune system of a smoker needs to work harder than the non-smoker, so as a result, the immune systems of smokers get weaker with time
  • Scientists say that the life span of a smoker is 13 years less than a non-smoker
  • Breathe, hair, clothes and skin of smokers contain a typical unpleasant smell, which is not noticed by the smokers, but non-smokers often find it irritating and unpleasant
  • Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, a chemical known to reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin

Check back with us in the next few days to discover effective ways to help quit smoking and smoking alternatives.

facts on smoking cigarettes


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