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The Simplest Way To Detox Your Body At Home

The-Simplest-Way-For-DetoxingDetoxing is rapidly becoming part of our culture more now than ever before. It’s purpose is to help eliminate the toxins present in our body and yield the benefits of a good internal cleansing. Before We examine the simplest way to detox your body at home… I’d like to elaborate more on detoxification and the transformation of unwanted materials prevalent in our body.

The Purpose Of Detoxification

First and foremost let’s be clear… detoxification is a cleansing mechanism that is performed naturally with the liver acting as a filter, neutralizing toxins and bacteria in the blood; hence, which is why we go to the bathroom daily. Apart from the liver, our lungs and kidneys plays an integral part in this process.

Our organs are constantly working with other parts of the body to improve and optimize our health; yet more times than none we feel lethargic and out of shape. Understand that our bodies require an exponential amount of enzymes, vitamins and other molecules to help rid the body of unwanted waste and chemicals. And thus, a good detoxification program will help metabolize and excrete toxins in our body.

The Benefit Of Detoxification

Though, there’s a plethora of cleanses and detoxing programs readily available… they’re all designed to do one thing, “interchange the bad with the good and make you feel better.” More importantly, help keep the unwanted pounds off.

Promoting food patterns not indicative of healthy eating can potentially have an adverse affect on your body and how you feel. For example, depression is a sign of toxic build up in the bowels, liver, and brain. In the same way, indigestion could be the result of blockages present in the digestive tract.

Other signs to be aware of includes, but not limited to indigestion, weight gain and stress. However a good detox can potentially remedy the harmful, toxic substances in your body leading to better health and a productive lifestyle.

An Effective Detoxification System

Colon cleanses, juice cleanses, and fruit detoxes are among the short list of the most trendy and popular methods for flushing out our system. But are they effective? Well, in my opinion… the jury is still out, simply because I have never used any of these methods.

Now I have to admit, the closest I came to a full detox was laxatives and an enema. And to answer my own question… yes, I did feel fresh and vibrant afterwards. But an effective detoxification system require more than going to the bathroom every 5 to 10 minutes.

It involves avoiding specific types of foods, and limited your food intake into pressed juices. In the medical field, toxins can refer to just about anything, from alcohol, to foods, to medicines, to asbestos. There’s no human way possible to avoid toxins 100%.

After flirting with other methods referred by friends of mine, I found a simple solution for cleansing that’s not complicated at all. In fact, it’s simple, delicious, and reveals an eye-opening presentation by Liz Swann Miller, Doctor of Naturopathy about common toxins in our modern lives that force us to gain weight.

To learn more about this system click the link below…

Red Smoothie Detox Factor



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  1. Hello Mark,

    I am really intrigued with the concept of detoxification. I am planning on running a marathon and I stay disciplined to my running schedule. However, I do tend to eat a lot of greasy and fatty foods. I think a good detox would be a good idea for me to try.

    Thanks for your article.


    1. Hi Alex-

      A good detox is always good for your health… especially if you have bad eating habits. Good luck with the marathon!!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Great article, I really enjoyed reading it!
    I did once a detoxification and I can tell you that I felt so good and light, but had some problems after , I won’t go into details. But next time I’ll do a detoxification, I will surely follow Doctor’s advice because my mistake was that I did it right away and didn’t know that I needed to gradually eliminate some foods and drinks before doing any detoxication in order not to shock the body.
    So, my two cents is to do a detoxication, which is very healthy, but not alone:)
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hi Daniella

      I’m glad to see that you’ve recovered nicely from your detox… and yes, there are guidelines to be aware of when detoxing e.g., you should refrain from strenuous activity resulting in dizziness or becoming faint.


  3. Which herbs and supplements do you recommend for detox? I usually suggest globe artichoke and milk thistle – are these included in the Red Smoothie detox that you recommend? You mention that it is delicious – what is the flavour? Thanks – it woud lbe good to know from someone whose tried it as some of these have little or no flavour, or contain too much sweetener to disguise the other things present! Thanks.

    1. Hi Sara-

      The Red Detox Factor guide will elaborate more in depth on the superfoods and recipes necessary to help recharge your body and detoxify your entire system. These superfoods taste so much better than things that come out of boxes and cans, and they’re completely free of preservatives and other additives that are harmful to your health. My short list of herbs and supplements recommended for detox indeed includes artichoke and milk thistle.


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