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Why Gluten Free Diet And Weight Loss Link Together

Gluten Free Diet And Weight LossJust a decade ago, barely anyone knew the meaning of the word gluten and whether it is a good or bad for health. But in the recent years, gluten free diet and weight loss has become a subject of great focus and interest.

Many popular food chains are preparing and advertising gluten free products and there is an increasing trend of eating gluten free. Although scientifically we still lack the evidence on weight loss properties of gluten, but it is believed that it does help in losing weight.

Before exploring the advantages of a gluten free diet, let us try to find out answers to some basic questions like: What is gluten and why people do not like it anymore?

Why gluten free diet and weight loss are linked together?

Gluten is a protein found in rye, barley, and wheat. Gluten can easily be tolerated by most healthy persons as a part of a regular diet, but some people are sensitive and allergic to gluten.

People who are allergic to gluten can ease their symptoms by avoiding gluten containing diet. People suffering from celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder, can get serious health issues after eating gluten containing diet. When a person suffering from celiac disease eats gluten, that person’s small intestine fails to absorb nutrients present in the food.

So, a gluten free diet is a must for people with celiac disease or allergic to gluten. Gluten free diet and weight loss effects of this diet are thought to play a major role in the popularity of gluten free diet and products.

Advantages Of Gluten Free Diet

Simply by adhering to a gluten free diet, people skip snacks and other hot materials that is pretty helpful for their overall health.

Snacks and most fast food items are loaded with gluten and lots of calories, skipping gluten diet and products gives you a chance to eat more beneficial food items like fresh fruits, juices, salads and vegetables, and all these items are loaded with anti-oxidants, essential mineral and vitamins.

Eating all these healthy alternatives is pretty helpful for weight loss and improving overall health and well-being of individuals who strictly eat gluten free diet.

Surprisingly, along with weight loss properties, gluten free diet proved beneficial for autism. Some experiments on autistic children (having severe autism) showed significant improvement in their behavior.

When a young man having severe autism was placed on a casein and gluten free diet, he got remarkable advantages of this diet. He started to speak and there was a great improvement in his behavior and lifestyle. So, gluten free diet very helps in autism.

Another great advantage of gluten free diet is that its aids in digestion. Unfortunately, many people do not know that they are suffering from celiac disease, so when they eat gluten products, their small intestine cannot absorb certain vitamins and nutrients that ultimately damage the villi.

Digestion process becomes very hard in such individuals and results in gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea and weight gain. Simply, by going gluten free, all these GIT problems can be avoided.

Dealing With Obesity

Overweight and obese people mostly eat fast food and unhealthy stuff that also contain gluten in significant proportion. Actually, most bakery and fast food items like pizza, hamburger, cakes etc. contain gluten, so many people eat gluten unknowingly even if they are allergic to gluten.

When people stop eating gluten, they choose other healthy food items which potentially leads to weight loss. This is why gluten free diet and weight loss is a hot topic these days.

Well, there are some other health benefits of gluten free diet, weight loss is on top of the list and one of the major reasons behind the popularity of gluten free diet in the recent years.

More and more people are adhering to gluten free diet and more gluten free products are on the rise in the food market. Although gluten free diet and weight loss properties of this special diet have not been scientifically proven yet, some recent work on it has proven its advantages and more work is being done to further explore weight loss properties of a gluten free diet.




  1. Hi, it’s very interesting topic. I didn’t realize before that foods such as rye, barley and wheat can be harmful. As far as I know those kind of food help to produce energy. So, how exactly does gluten stun weight loss? Does it mean when you still consume those foods your effort to lose weight will not show a significant result?

    1. Hi

      As I mentioned in the article, there is no scientific study that going gluten free will result in weight loss… but going going gluten free will help with your efforts of losing weight. Hope I answered your question.


  2. Lol. This is a nice article about gluten. Until now, I had never know or heard about gluten before. Not to mention that it gluten had links to overweight and obesity. I guess that I too need to reduce the intake of gluten stuff such as my favorite snacks. Thanks for the info.

  3. Hi there Mark,

    I don’t know much about gluten-free diet until I came across your article. Just the other day, I was at a conference buffet and there were special dishes labeled as gluten-free for the participants. I thought that was very thoughtful of the organizer.

    When someone is allergic to gluten, is it for life? Can gluten allergy sets in during adulthood? How do we know when we are allergic to gluten?

    Thanks for the informative article.

    1. Hi Cathy-

      What a great question… You might be surprised to learn that there are several different conditions that people refer to as a “gluten allergy,” and your specific symptoms will depend on which of these conditions you actually have (if any).

      You see, medical science doesn’t actually recognize the term “gluten allergy.” Instead, when people refer to a “gluten allergy,” it’s likely they mean one of four different conditions: celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, dermatitis herpetiformis or gluten ataxia.


  4. I recently found out I have a sensitivity to gluten because of my dad having terrible reactions to it. I cut gluten out of my diet about 90% of the way.
    The one thing I can’t get rid of is my bread. I cannot afford to buy gluten free bread where you get 6 pieces for $5. In the past week I bought a couple boxes of gluten free pasta which I really like. I was thinking it would taste weird but the noodles actually cook to be larger and softer than regular pasta. WIN!

    1. Hi Gina-

      Going gluten free is not bad at all… you may incur an increase in your shopping budget, but the upside is that there are a lot of awesome gluten free recipes available for some delicious and healthy meals.


  5. Very good article on why gluten is something we should all stay away from. Most times gluten is part of foods that are high in carbohydrates. So if we get rid of the carbohydrates because they have gluten, we’re also effectively cutting processed carbs out of our diets. This leads to great progress and results in terms of fat loss and stable digestion.

  6. Thank you for the information about gluten free diet and weight loss,i wasn’t have an idea on what is gluten and how it is from? Since i read this article i got the clue of what is the gluten and thank you for telling us who to use gluten protein and those who don’t need to eat it.Thank you for caring our health.


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